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A Different Eagle Overhead

19 Mar

Truly beautifully written and message within.

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

This posting is a bit different from any of my previous posts. I almost didn’t post it but after seeing some recent news reports and interviews I was moved to send it out there.


I never can tell what I may see as I sit and wait for the only two eagles residing in Montgomery County, Ohio to do something…or to even do nothing someplace where I can see them not doing it. Watching is a lot more fun when there is something to watch. So as I wait for Jim and Cindy to honor me with their presence I pass the time by watching other things like songbirds, groundhogs, deer, coyotes, water fowl… If it passes nearby, I watch it. And then I take a few pictures of it. (Let’s just say that if I ever start a groundhog watching group, I’m all set.) As a Christian I admire the uniqueness and beauty of each creature that…

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