A Different Eagle Overhead

19 Mar

Truly beautifully written and message within.

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

This posting is a bit different from any of my previous posts. I almost didn’t post it but after seeing some recent news reports and interviews I was moved to send it out there.


I never can tell what I may see as I sit and wait for the only two eagles residing in Montgomery County, Ohio to do something…or to even do nothing someplace where I can see them not doing it. Watching is a lot more fun when there is something to watch. So as I wait for Jim and Cindy to honor me with their presence I pass the time by watching other things like songbirds, groundhogs, deer, coyotes, water fowl… If it passes nearby, I watch it. And then I take a few pictures of it. (Let’s just say that if I ever start a groundhog watching group, I’m all set.) As a Christian I admire the uniqueness and beauty of each creature that…

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10 Oct


While We Wait

8 Mar

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

Jim and Cindy’s Treetop Palace is cradling precious eggs far more priceless than any ever crafted by Fabrege. These eggs are not bejeweled and trimmed in gold. They are not sitting on a pedestal, bathed in special lighting or protected by a glass case and paid guards carrying guns. They are too valuable for such trivial characteristics. These eggs are far more treasured than any egg found in a museum. Although to the naked eye they may seam quite ordinary, after careful examination their real beauty begins to emerge.

For these eggs have never been touched by human hands. Their pedestal is a rugged, living sycamore tree and they are illuminated by the warming sunrays, shimmering moonbeams and twinkling starlight. Their protection comes from a massive basket of sticks, carefully and lovingly woven together by master builders. Their guards serve not for pay but from devotion and are armed with talons and the determination to protect these eggs from any…

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Hello world!

29 Jan

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